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I now have an Artstation! Commissions are up, and it seems a little more elegant than Ko-fi for that, so that's where any art inquiries can be directed! Thanks so much

You may have noticed a button over in this sidebar here (and not a cool one like on Angus' blog)

                                                                                                                                                       Right about here -------->

If you like what I do here, or have something you'd like to see from me, please feel free to request it on my Ko-fi page! I also have a paypal! Really, the only thing I charge for is art! I'm always open to blog post prompts (The only one I've done so far is last year's Secret Santicorn.) I have a few examples of my art down at the bottom of this post. So please, consider dropping me a couple of bucks if you enjoy what I'm up to.

Of course, no pressure either way, because this blog will be here whether I make a penny or none. Fear not!

In descending order from most recent to least recent:
Image on this post (2nd Image)
Image on this post
Image on this post
This whole ass post

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