Through The Stars

Its finally here!! My very own GLOG hack. And hack is right, now more than ever. Through the Stars is more like a compilation of my favorite bits and bobs than it is my own whole-cloth creation, but I'm happy to finally have something out there to revise and play and add to.

Through The Stars is a system intended to be used in a science fantasy, kitchen-sink style world. Crystal Sphere surrounding the galaxies, fish shaped sailboats, laser guns and cyborgs. Inspired by Treasure Planet, Star Wars, Spelljammer, and other classics of that uninhibited fancy.

Through The Stars

Here, I'll catalog where I stole took everything from! Thanks to everyone who I drew upon to make this thing happen.

Silver Standard - Delta's DnD. The reasoning offered up here made too much sense to me, especially after reading the root articles on this blog. Great stuff!

Memory Slots - Library of Attnam. I read this post in the car ride to a concert, and it was great entertainment on the way back too. I think this idea is great, and more people should consider using it!

Ship Rules - Coins and Scrolls. Excited to use these rules to model space-fantasy fights! All the other takes I've seen were a little too rigorous for me.

Formatting, Equipment Tables, Combat, Trauma, and others - A Blasted, Cratered Land. Mimics and Miscreants was what finally pushed me over into making this thing! I, obviously, referred to it extensively.

Paces as a Unit of Measure, Squads, Hexcrawling, more probably - Two Goblins in a Trenchcoat. Another system I love! I don't think paces ended up in his GLOGalike, but he mentioned them in discord a while ago and I loved it. 

Gunsprings - Incunabuli. I mean, I love black powder and modern firearms, but I can double dip with Gunsprings! Also, I think they're much much cooler and more easily integrated next to crossbows and bows and such.

Triple X Breakage and Party Sheets - Goblin Punch. They're just so elegant and sensible, as always Arnold outdoes us all.

Experience - Meandering Banter. Gotta love Die Trying, its so so so great.

Races - Various.

Fighter - Sourced here!

Thief - A Blasted, Cratered Land. My personal favorite thief so far.

Cleric - A Blasted, Cratered Land. Ripped wholesale, along with the Domains!

Wizard - A Blasted, Cratered Land. Modified just slightly, I believe. I'd have to check.

Wizard Schools - Drawn from here. I love this post so damn much, it was challenging to limit the starting schools to just a handful when there's over 100 here!

Adventurer - Meandering Banter. Who doesn't wanna play as Link?

The Crew - Coins and Scrolls, tweaked slightly by yours truly!


  1. Thank you for listing your influences!
    It makes stealing new and interesting idea's so much easier.

    1. Of course! I'd feel like an actual thief otherwise haha