Mazes and Monsters

 Hello all! It's been quite a while. Frankly, I've not had the time, discipline not to get obsessed and sink all my time into blogging and RPGs, or inspiration to blog in a long time. But here I am!

I made this

Mazes and Monsters

Well, I is a strong word. Its essentially a pastiche of Into the Odd and Die Trying, two of my favorite systems. I'm probably gonna be introducing some new players to the Adventure Game tradition, so I wanted something that captured the spirit without a lot to learn. This is nothing new for anyone who has somehow seen my blog, as you've likely also seen the infinitely better content made by my inspirations. This is mostly just so I can put it up somewhere.

Anyway, its nice to be back! Maybe I'll be blogging more often now, but we shall see.

EDIT: Forgot to mention the "Who is my Character?" tables are ripped from Knave, they're some of my go-to for players who have never touched a die before and need some juice.