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I have returned again! This time with a system for running a game in my homebrewed version of Magical Industrial Revolution. (Which, if you haven't bought, you should go and buy! Its a wonderful book!.)

This is a melding of Into the Odd and The GLOG, hands down two of my favorite systems. I didn't really invent much of this, but I've included the document I pulled it from in the references page. Please enjoy! If you end up using any of this, please let me know!

EDIT: I've added a character generator (enabled by the wonderful spwack of Slight Adjustments, with tables taken from the awesome Maze Rats)


  1. ItO and GLOG go together like... two good things that go well together. Glad it's not just me thinking this!

    1. Of course not, gotta be more than just you and i as well!