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Bard Genre: Vaporwave

Running a Science-Fantasy game where this is appropriate, and also not giving a shit about anachronisms, I have decided to make this genre for Lexi's GLOG Bard! More to come, most definitely.

Robert Beatty


We can just explain the editing and ghostly voices as magic.

Cheap Editing Software: Anything you could reasonably make pleasant noise with counts as an instrument for you. Additionally, you can choose not to have the effects of a song happen as you play, and instead store them inside of an instrument. Expend MD as normal, and they do not refresh until the song is played. You may release the song at any time, and it will play exactly as you played it. Intensities change at the same times over the song's duration, and any Bad Vibes occur when they did. You may store [bard level] songs at a time.


Important Note: Imagine these spells look like cutting through the film of a tape, and then playing it. (The tape is reality.) Uncomfortable warping, strange colors, flares of light..

1. Enjoy Yourself: Everyone in earshot jives and enjoys the song you play. Creatures of Intensity HD or more get a save. You may also reroll reaction rolls for anyone you talk to while playing this song at a +Intensity bonus.
2. Buy Milk: You create Intensity*5 buyers, who emerge from cracks in the ground and from dark alleys while you play. They are ravenous for purchases, and will buy just about anything offered to them. Their wealth varies.
3. Snake Way: You conjure the spirits of those you once knew who have died, and they dance down from the Snake Way to speak with you while you play. They'll answer Intensity questions before departing. People in earshot (including you) must save vs sadness as they arrive.
4. 82.99 FM: For the duration of this song, you are transported up to a maximum of Intensity*10 years into the future or the past. When you choose to end this song (not when it is ended otherwise) you may return to the time you began in. If it is ended prematurely, you remain then until you can return with this song or some other means.
5. Monogon: Intensity inorganic objects near you become 2-dimensional, flat versions of themselves while you play. While playing, you can mentally move them anywhere in earshot of the song. They return to normal when you end the song.
6. リサフランク420Reality bends around your music. Intensity of the following effects can be applied to anything or anyone in earshot. Creatures get a save. At 2 Intensity, you get to pick one of them: (d4) 1. The target is looped in time, repeating whatever they did before this effect was applied to them; 2. The target erupts into jagged, polygonal edges. Objects are dangerous, creatures are thorny and weighted down by the mass; 3. An object swaps uses with a nearby object (a chair becomes a weapon, or a weapon becomes a chair), a creature will switch minds with another nearby creature (except the party); 4. The target is slowed to an absolute crawl. If they move at all, 1/10 of the usual speed should suffice. Their reaction time adjusts accordingly.
7. Private Caller: For as long as you play this song, you enter a mental realm with one other person of your choice. You control the way this realm looks and behaves with just a thought. At 1 Intensity, the person must be visible and in earshot. At 2, they need only be in earshot of the song. At 3, so long as you know where they are, they will come. At 4, all you need to do is think of the person. Both you and the person you call are unaware of the actual world during this song.
8. Summer NightEveryone near you must save vs reliving their most painful memories. They suffer Intensity d4 damage each round from the torment, unless someone tries to touch them while they sit silently, crying. Those touched will retaliate violently until the song is over, but they no longer suffer from the damage each round while attacking.
9. Selfish High Heels: After this song ends, you transform into a Magical Girl! The exact details are up to your GM, but you will likely be able to do cool magical attacks, feats of acrobatics/flight, etc. I recommend rolling for Intensity Advancements on that class. This form last for Intensity minutes.
10. Virtually Alone 20xx: You and Intensity other people are shunted to an embryonic world of gray stone, cyan seas and magenta skies for the duration of this song. The only other creature in this world is a hostile and insane construct resembling you with Intensity*3 HD. It hates you and will try to kill you and anyone else here. It may not be near you initially, but it senses your presence and will come.
11. 火野 レイ Everyone in earshot of this song must save vs. having their inhibitions removed for Intensity(1 Intns. Minutes 2 Intns. Hours 3 Intns. Days 4 Intns. Weeks) or a smaller unit of time, at your desire. They will run through the streets nude, chasing after their lover, they will join you by banging rudimentary instruments, they will fly to the hills for wherever they have always wanted to go, etc.

Hey! Look! A Dungeon entrance!

Bogeyman's Cave announced just today that he'll be starting up 30 minute dungeons again! This doesn't excite me as a reader, since I wasn't reading him while this was a thing (sorry my friend!) but the concept does! So I'll be jumping on and doing this starting March 1st! Hopefully one a day, as a relaxing break between schoolwork and stressing about procrastinating on schoolwork. God save me.

Anyway! Here are his guidelines, and they look good to me, so I'll be stealing them!

A Hook
General Background
3 Combat Encounters
3 "Empty" Rooms
2 Traps
1 Weird Thing To Experiment With
Some Treasure
A Magic Item

Be on the lookout for these! My players tend to try and point themselves to what "I want them to do" (I promise I didn't put that there, they come from 5e and want to be polite to me which I appreciate.) so I likely won't need to spring any dungeons on them until I get them eased onto creating goals, but hopefully you all will find them useful or interesting!

Races in the Voids of Space

I'm working on my contribution to the great hereditary line that is GLOG. For reference, Lexi over at Blasted, Cratered Land has a succinct description. It is... many times distilled. Built on the backs of the likes of Type1Ninja, Lexi, Skerples, Angus Warman (in his sidebar) and Arnold K. himself. Coming.... Eventually!

This is the race table, with sources at the bottom! If you don't know what something is, ask in the comments.

Mandy Morbid on Zak S.

Mandy Morbid recently spoke out on her Facebook about her previous relationship with Zak S. Read her post, or the whole thing is transcribed below.

Sexual Violence and Abuse Warning Below

Through the Stars Playlist

From the Spelljammer setting for 2e

Prepping for my games, I kinda get distracted by the music I listen to. So I decided it would be best to get distracted by music I think fits the games I'm running.

Currently, I run a science fantasy game in DCC inspired in many ways by Spelljammer, Treasure Planet, Star Wars, and the pop-culture fantasy of being a merry band of hobos. The tone is pretty light and relaxed, but there are moments of weird and fucked up stuff injected every so often for contrast.

My party before their funnel, basically.

Here is the playlist I made, in case anybody else is interested. Have any songs that you think would fit? Let me know!