Inktober 2018

I popped my Inktober cherry this year, and (no surprise, this is like my only hobby) I drew fantasy characters. I generated some random characters, and set out. Here's what came out of that.

Dwarf Druid

Triton Sorcerer and Dragonborn Rogue

Aarakocra Warlock and A portrait of a friend (Bonus!)

Air Genasi Sorcerer and Human Druid

Changeling Druid and Orc Rogue

Aasimar Cleric and Dragonborn Monk

Warforged Wizard

Aasimar Fighter

High Elf Druid and Wood Elf Cleric

Tiefling Rogue and Human Ranger

Tiefling Paladin and Changeling Ranger

Half-Elf Monk and Half-Orc Monk

Gnome Paladin (Special thanks to TheLawfulNeutral for the inspiration)

Dark Elf Paladin and Goblin Barbaian

Half-Orc Sorcerer and Gnome Rogue

Dwarf Fighter and Firbolg Druid

Dwarf Monk and Halfling Bard

Gnome Barbarian and Triton Fighter

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