Offering Thanks to the Stars

From down here in my little knothole, the stars have always seemed awfully bright. I'm glad to have seen them up close, now. - Halath, deerman sage

Starting this blog recently, after discovering the OSR and meandering around the blogosphere for a while, has been a wonderful experience.

I'm thankful for the community of creators and cool people that encourage me to make, and to play, and to continue with whatever I'm doing here.
I'm thankful for the group of players I've known for years now, always willing to try whatever shit I've crocked up, and I'm thankful for all the new players I've begun to meet in school.
I'm thankful for the family that supports me as I find my footing in the world.
I'm thankful for the friends and people that have entered my life, and grace me everyday with their continued presence. Its truly a joy to know you all.
I'm thankful that I have enough time to keep playing and creating, and that I'm not strung out with no time to unwind anywhere in between school and work and play.
I'm thankful for such an awesome school to be able to attend, and all the education and insight I've gotten even this early.
I'm thankful for my greatest pillars, those select few people who are always with me. The players on my team, as we're cheered on from the bleachers. You know who you are.
I'm thankful for all the superstars (to me) in the OSR and DIY scenes that have inspired me to write, and have even encouraged me personally to continue! Its amazing to be in a community that is so down to earth. I never expect to just have a conversation with some of the people I've been reading, and yet, here I am! Starry eyes and all.

And I'm thankful for all of you. Anybody who reads this blog, you are the reason I do this. Its satisfying to see my notes on a webpage, but being able to make someone's game better or to give them just a few minutes' enjoyment reading is miraculous.

So, thank you to all the people who make my life as amazing as it is. All the love and encouragement and support a man could ever ask for.

Thank you.

And now, lets all retire to our beds on the Eve of Thanksgiving. None of the horrible colonialism and murder and such.

That's for tomorrow.

P.S. Come and join the OSR Discord from Chris Mcdowall! Its a great place

Inktober 2018

I popped my Inktober cherry this year, and (no surprise, this is like my only hobby) I drew fantasy characters. I generated some random characters, and set out. Here's what came out of that.

Dwarf Druid

Triton Sorcerer and Dragonborn Rogue

Aarakocra Warlock and A portrait of a friend (Bonus!)

Air Genasi Sorcerer and Human Druid

Changeling Druid and Orc Rogue

Aasimar Cleric and Dragonborn Monk

Warforged Wizard

Aasimar Fighter

High Elf Druid and Wood Elf Cleric

Tiefling Rogue and Human Ranger

Tiefling Paladin and Changeling Ranger

Half-Elf Monk and Half-Orc Monk

Gnome Paladin (Special thanks to TheLawfulNeutral for the inspiration)

Dark Elf Paladin and Goblin Barbaian

Half-Orc Sorcerer and Gnome Rogue

Dwarf Fighter and Firbolg Druid

Dwarf Monk and Halfling Bard

Gnome Barbarian and Triton Fighter