Hey! Look! A Dungeon entrance!

Bogeyman's Cave announced just today that he'll be starting up 30 minute dungeons again! This doesn't excite me as a reader, since I wasn't reading him while this was a thing (sorry my friend!) but the concept does! So I'll be jumping on and doing this starting March 1st! Hopefully one a day, as a relaxing break between schoolwork and stressing about procrastinating on schoolwork. God save me.

Anyway! Here are his guidelines, and they look good to me, so I'll be stealing them!

A Hook
General Background
3 Combat Encounters
3 "Empty" Rooms
2 Traps
1 Weird Thing To Experiment With
Some Treasure
A Magic Item

Be on the lookout for these! My players tend to try and point themselves to what "I want them to do" (I promise I didn't put that there, they come from 5e and want to be polite to me which I appreciate.) so I likely won't need to spring any dungeons on them until I get them eased onto creating goals, but hopefully you all will find them useful or interesting!

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