Music in the Voids of Space

Beholders tend to have pretty bad hearing. Its awkward stare is.. well, yeah. Because of that.
I have always had a soft spot for music. I think pop stars and managers would make a super fun set of characters to bounce off of, and whatever song is popular could give the party some idea of what's up in the world. SO I had the idea of a random song generator for myself, so I can use it to color the state of the world without digging into the super deep political depths of why "Killing the King" is the most famous song rn. Thankfully, the folks at WolframTones have already got a program for me! Just click this button and input the type and tempo into Wolfram.Putting the same info in after a reload will yield a new sample if you don't like the first.  The title is to kind of inform what this song is actually about. Enjoy!

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