Fighters in the Voids of Space

A daring and eccentric space captain

Fighters are, at their core, idealists. This ideal is different from what others may consider an ideal; Fighters believe that everything can be solved violently.
They might tell you otherwise, and in fact many will. "Oh, I only train so that I can defend others. Its not the solution to everything." "Look, I grew up in a harsh place! You don't get out of a scrape without throwing a punch or two when you're young."
Liars, all of them. They even lie to themselves. They tell you that fighting isn't all they live for, show you where violence is wrong and harmful. That doesn't change the look in their eyes, though, does it? The way their expression unravels, their facade erodes. They love this. And they aren't too bad at it either. In the back of their minds, they want nothing more than to tear into whoever opposes them.

They know that violence can solve anything.

Many thanks to LexiSkerples and Type1Ninja for the pieces I stapled together to form this class and system!


Starting Equipment: Full suit of Leather or Chain armor, a random weapon, and a scar with history
Skills (d3): 1. Outlaw, 2. Soldier, 3. Profession (d3 1. Farmer, 2. Sailor, 3. Guard)

Hit Die: d8

1. Threat Assessment, Second Wind
2. Notches +1 HD
3. Commander +1 HD
4. Cleave

Threat Assessment: If you have 5 uninterrupted minutes with an enemy or hit them in combat, you may ask one question about their capabilities.

Second Wind: Once per session, when you would be put at or below 0 HP, you can instead be put at 1. You can also spend a HD to roll it and gain that much HP as your turn.

Notches: Keep track of your kills with your weapons. At 10, 20, 30, and 50 kills with each weapon, you may select something from the list below.
  • +1 Damage
  • +1 Critical Range
  • An extra attack (Limited circumstances)
  • Special Ability (One per weapon)
So someone with 50 flail kills could have +1 damage, crit on rolls of 19-20, attack an extra time against enemies with shields, and stun enemies on 6+ damage with flails. Each Notch ability takes up 1 Memory slot.

Commander: When in a heavily populated area, you can hire [level]d4 soldiers, 1d[level] of which have a level in a random martial class. (Fighter, Barbarian, etc.) The group as a whole will want a share of the loot, but they all follow your orders.
Note: I recommend Type1Ninja's excellent squad rules from Moonhop for these!

Cleave: Whenever you kill something or roll max damage, you may make another attack.


I really loved Skerples' idea that Fighters are getting tricked into fighting (the easiest way to die!), so I tried to reinforce that same idea in my little remix here.

I love that way that Lexi uses hit dice in Mimics and Miscreants, so I carried that over wholesale. They may have more HP, but I figure that will make players much more bold. So it evens out to about the same. (Theoretically)

Threat Assessment and Second Wind encourage Fighters to fight pretty directly, but they have uses outside of combat. The most obvious uses are in it, though.

Truly, I only made one change to any of these abilities that wasn't shuffling it around, and that's in Notches. I added the option to get a niche extra attack because I think that shit is rad in Die Trying, so I stole it.

Tools of the Trade: Combat Equipment

Weapons (1d20)

When rolling for a starting weapon, bows and crossbows start with 20 arrows/bolts and firearms start with one full magazine. If you roll grenade, you start with 1d3.

Note: Most of this stolen from Lexi!
1. Sword: 1d6+STR slashing damage, 1d8 when two handed.
2. Axe: 1d6+STR slashing damage. Light. 1 slot.
3. Greatsword: 1d10+STR slashing damage, two handed.
4. Greataxe: 1d12+STR slashing damage, two handed. 
5. Bow: 1d6+STR piercing damage, two handed.
6. Spear: 1d8+STR piercing damage.
7. Pike: 1d10+STR piercing damage, two handed.
8. Dagger: 1d4+STR slashing/piercing damage. Light.
9. Flail: 1d8+STR bludgeoning damage, double melee reach.
10. Quarterstaff: 1d6+STR bludgeoning damage. Counts as dual wielded when two-handed.
11. Warhammer: 1d6+STR bludgeoning damage, 1d8 when two handed.
12. Maul: 1d10+STR bludgeoning damage, two handed.
13. Halberd: 1d12+STR slashing/piercing damage, two handed. Double melee reach. 3 slots.
14. Whip: 1d4+STR, double melee reach. Can grab limbs or objects instead of doing damage.
15. Rapier: 1d6+DEX piercing damage.
16. Crossbow: 1d10 piercing damage, two handed. Takes one turn to reload.
17. Grenade: 2d6 firearm damage in 10' radius. On a miss, roll 1d4 (1. save vs. grenade exploding in your hand, 2. grenade lands 1d10' in a random direction from target, 3. grenade explodes next turn, 4. grenade explodes in 2 turns)
18. Pistol: 1d8 gun damage. Light. 6 shots.
19. Sub-Machine Gun: 1d10 gun damage. 10 shots.
20. Rifle: 1d12 gun damage, two handed. 8 shots.

Gunsprings unwind when they roll max damage, unless they're using especially high quality springs. It takes 1d4 turns to wind them, given the proper tools. If they jam twice in the same day or you lack the proper tools, they must be wound over a Long Rest. You may also fire as many shots as the gun has in its clip, each shot after the first adding +1 to damage and attack.

Light weapons can be dual-wielded, which lets you roll both weapons' damage dice and take the higher result. If a weapon has two damage types listed, choose one whenever dealing damage. Unless otherwise stated, light weapons take 1/2 a slot, and two-handed weapons take 2.


Gauntlets, +1 AC
Helmet, +1 AC

Leather Jacket, +1 AC
Leather Pants, +1 AC

Chain Shirt, +2 AC
Chain Greaves, +2 AC

Breastplate, +3 AC
Platelegs, +3 AC
(Don't add DEX to AC if wearing any plate)

Buckler Shield, +DEX AC, 1 slot
Light Shield, +1 AC
Heavy Shield, +2 AC, can't parry

Unless otherwise stated, armor takes up slots equal to the AC bonus.

Diplomacy has Failed: Combat Rules


Everyone receives 1+DEX chits (Min. 1 chit). Put em all in a bag, and draw randomly for turns.When the bag is empty, put them all back in and start a new round!

Attacking and Defending

Make an opposed roll:
Attack (1d20+Level+STR/DEX) Str for melee, Dex for ranged
Defense (1d20+Level+DEX+Armor Class)

If the attacker wins, they deal full damage. If the defender wins, some other things happen:

Against melee, a defender can;
Dodge - Take no damage and move 5' away.
Take It - Take damage minus their AC, then hit the attacker for damage minus their AC.
Parry - Take no damage, and immediately force the attacker to Dodge or Take It.

Against ranged, a defender can only Dodge. Ranged damage always subtract the defender's AC.

Hit Protection

Your class lists a Hit Die. At character creation, roll it twice and take the higher, and add your CON. That is your HP. It represents your stamina, energy, and will to avoid any actual wounds.

It can be restored with rest.

Short Rest - Spend an hour and a ration. Roll a HD and restore that much HP. Remove 1d4 Stress.
Long Rest - Spend 8 hours resting and sleeping, and eat a ration. Reroll your HP. If it's higher than your current HP set your total to that. Heal a wound of 9 or less, regain all HD. Remove 1d12 Stress.
Full Rest - Spend 24 resting, relaxing, sleeping, and eating full meals. Set HP to max, set Stress to 0, and heal a wound of 9 or less.


Damage that puts someone at or below 0 HP inflicts a wound equal to or less than (attacker's choice) the absolute value of their negative HP. You die at -10.

Note: These are stolen directly from Lexi!
0-2: Knock Them Away. Push them 10’ in any direction, or disarm them (your choice).
3-5: Knock Them Down. They’re knocked prone. Prone targets can’t Dodge, move at ¼ speed, have disadvantage on Attack and Defense rolls, and take a whole turn to stand up.
6-7: Crush Their Bones. Break one of your target’s bones of your choice, nonlethally. Arms/hands disarm, legs knock prone, ribs make breathing hard. spine forces a save vs. paralysis… ask GM for more. They need to save to use broken limbs.
8-9: Knock Them Out. They’re unconscious. They won’t wake up for d6 hours, and when they do they have to save vs. brain damage as a Cracking roll.
10+: Crush Their Skull. Break your target’s bones, lethally.

0-2: Make Them Bleed. They take an additional 1d3 damage, and save vs. another 1d3 damage on each of their turns until they succeed.
3-5: Make Them Stay Put. You can leave your weapon in their body to pin them to whatever’s behind them. They have to save to take it out, and when they do, or if they try to move, Make Them Bleed.
6-7: Make Them Suffer. Pierce one of their organs and either 1. blind them, 2. deafen them, 3. they have to save to move, 4. give them disadvantage on all saves.
8-9: Run Them Down. Knock Them Down, push them 10’, and deal damage to whoever’s behind them. Pin them together as Make Them Stay Put.
10+: Run Them Through. You put a really big hole in them. They die.

0-2: Cut Them Up. You lacerate them. They save vs. taking an additional 1d6 damage.
3-5: Cut Them Deep. You shred their organs, give them disadvantage on STR/DEX/CON saves, and Make Them Bleed.
6-7: Cut Them Down. You sever their tendon. Knock Them Down.
8-9: Hack It Off. Remove one of the target’s appendages, of your choice. They save vs. unconsciousness from blood loss.
10+: Hack Them To Ribbons. They die in pieces.

0-4: Holed. You blow a hole in them. They save vs. taking another 1d6 damage, and save vs. taking another d3 ongoing damage each turn until they succeed.
5-9: Blasted. You blow a very large hole in their 1d10: 1. Eye, 2. Ear, 3. Jaw, 4. Lung, 5. Guts, 6. Arm, 7. Hand, 8. Leg, 9. Foot, 10. Head.
10+: Shot Down. You reduce them to bloody shreds. They die screaming.

0-4: Scorched. 1 random flammable object on the target burns away.
5-9: Blazing. They take an additional 1d3 fire damage, and save vs. another 1d3 fire damage on each of their turns until they succeed.
10+: Crisped. Target is reduced to cinders.

0-4: Chilled. Target is stuck to whatever it’s touching. They need to save to break free.
5-9: Frostbitten. Target needs to save to move, attack, or defend until they rest.
10+: Flash Frozen. All heat is removed from the target’s body. They shatter at a touch.

0-4: Etched. Target loses 2 AC.
5-9: Scoured. 1d3 of the target’s items are melted away.
10+: Rendered Down. The target melts away into a pile of goo.

0-4: Aged. Target moves at half speed.
5-9: Withered. The target loses 1d3 STR and CON, and has disadvantage on all tests.
10+: Rotted. The target rapidly rots away as every cell in its body dies.

0-4: Shocked. Target drops whatever they’re holding, and takes double damage if they’re wearing metal.
5-9: Paralyzed. Target saves vs. paralysis. If they succeed, they’re Shocked. If they’re wearing metal, they don’t get a save.
10+: Fried. Target burns to ash.

0-4: Panicked. Target gains 1d6 Stress and rolls to Crack.
5-9: Traumatized. Target Cracks.
10+: Mindwiped. You scoop their memories, personality, and drive out with a spoon. They’re a husk of autonomic functions and nothing else.

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